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Best Online Certificate Courses on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) & IP Laws

Over the past few years, the concept of Intellectual Property has gained a lot of attention, and the demand to conserve and protect Intellectual Property rights has witnessed overwhelming support from all fields of research, innovation, manufacturing, and services.  

As the flow of information keeps multiplying at unprecedented levels, the need of the hour is to find the best people out there who can help intellectuals in protecting their original goods and creations. 

What does it offer?

IP Laws & IPR is amazingly becoming one of the most important legal domains as more businesses and companies want to make sure that their IPR is safe and secure. This gives you the perfect opportunity to try your luck in this newly emerging field where still a whole lot is to be discovered. With the recent boom in online courses on virtually anything, many sites are offering highly attractive and easy courses yet at the same time, it is imperative to know whether their claims are real or not. For this, we are here to provide you an easy and comparative article on what are the best courses available so that you can make the right decision!

Course Name Price Certification  Rating Level / Remark
Coursera IP specialization  $79 per month/$399 per year Available  4 Beginner
Lawctopus certification course on IP $140 Available  4 Beginner
FICCI online IP course  $100/7500 Rs Available  4.5 Beginner & Intermediate 
Patent law fundamentals by ACS $895 Not Available  4.5 Intermediate 
Harvard online IPR course $3340 for unlimited access  Available  5 Beginner and Intermediate 
Edx IP law and policy course  Free / $170 with certificate Available if you choose to pay 4 Intermediate 
WIPO’s IPR course $40 to $200 Not Available  4 Beginner 
Copyright and IP law course by Reed £ 29.99 Available  3.5 Intermediate 

Coursera Intellectual Property Law Specialization

Coursera has a firm and healthy reputation of providing quality courses and specializations that add value to our lives.

The Intellectual Property Law specialization brings 4 courses to your table that equip you with ample awareness and understanding of intellectual properties, How to protect and maximize its utility, and the rights that tag along with it as per the US code of conduct. Coursera does offer some exceptional benefits that put the ball in its court and allows it to save its spot on the list of Best Online Courses on IP Laws & IPR. Coursera plus is one of those premium options that once subscribed, gets you access to most courses for 365 days.

Learn more:


This specialization helps you master 3 pillars of intellectual property rights along with a detailed introduction of IP laws, how it works, and why it is important.

Here’s what you would get in this specification: 

Introduction to IPR, Copyright, Trademark, and patent laws as separate courses that include both theory and practical lessons.


  1. Study at your own time
  2. Get a digital certificate from Pennsylvania University
  3. Availability of financial aid for unprivileged students


  1. Personal tutor unavailable
  2. No advanced subjects covered

Best for whom: 

This is a beginner based course that enables the learners to handle their own intellectual property rights like ideas, innovations, writings, and compositions legally hence it is not suggested for someone who actually wants to be a legal attorney.

Price: $79

Online Certificate Course on IPR

Law and Practice by Lawctopus Law School

Lawctopus Law School has been known for providing online courses that have been developed by the finest experts that have served in their respective fields for decades.  

They aim to deliver a holistic course that could develop your interest, and spark your curiosity, which could set you on a path of IP practice and direct you towards internships.

Know more:


It is a 17 long module complete package course to groom you for becoming a professional in Intellectual Property Laws & IPR. Titles of some modules are namely Patents-Procedure for obtaining, Revocation and Opposition, Patents- Assignment, Licensing, and Working, Trademark- Registered and Unregistered & Process for Registration, Copyrights- Assignment and Licensing


1.Complete one-stop package for everything

2.Most suitable for learners in Asia


1.Applicability of the course is restricted to India and countries in Asia.

2.As an online course, it seems lengthy to cover in a limited period of time.

Best for whom: 

Learners & Professionals working in India who want to add up the skills of knowing Intellectual Property Laws & Intellectual Property rights to improve their career prospects.

Price: $140 for the whole course.

FICCI Intellectual Property Law Online course: 

Federation of Indian chamber of commerce and Industry offers a very affordable and high in value course on Intellectual Property rights for Law students and industry professionals alike. The course is strictly focused based on Indian laws and provides reliable information to keep your intellectual properties secure and avoid any issues originating from the ignorance of awareness of IPR. The course takes at least two months to complete and gives you access to a forum where you can ask questions from experts or interact with fellow learners.

Learn more:


This course focuses more on the practical aspects of the IPR in the business world. It takes you through the fundamentals of intellectual property laws and their practical usage, the importance of international laws and treaties, Copyright laws, trademark regulations, and patent procedure.


  1. Forum to ask queries and interact 
  2. The only course centered on Indian IP laws
  3. Special student discount 
  4. Certificate provided by FICCI


  1. Beneficial for Indian learners only
  2. Limited seats available 

Best for whom:

The course is suitable if you want to make a career in law or already are a part of the Judiciary system. This course starts with fundamentals but turns advanced as you proceed with lessons. Professionals of the different sectors who deal with IPR should also consider taking this course.

Price: 7500 Rs

Patent law fundamentals by ACS

If you’re a US citizen looking for a trustworthy platform where you can quickly learn the basics of Patent law in the US and global concepts of Intellectual Property Laws, the 7-day seminar on Patent law fundamentals offered live on the official website of ACS is for you. 

Patent law is not something you can learn from anyone or anywhere, considering the complexities and subtle fluctuations of the subject. Robert Migliorini, the instructor of this course is a famous attorney and is a very credible name in the patent industry. The course is conducted at least twice every year. 

Learn more:


Within 7 days that you schedule for the course, you will learn everything you need to know about Patents and how are they established;

It includes Inventorship basics, documentation, Patent prosecution, Categories of patents, Basic patent searching, US patent formalities and

How to read a patent.


  1. Fantastic opportunity for industrialists to learn Patent laws
  2. Conducted purely online twice a year
  3. Study material and recordings are provided 


  1. Being a short course only covers the fundamentals 
  2. Not that flexible

Best for whom:

For busy scientists and entrepreneurs who need to know the basics of Intellectual Property and Patent Laws but can’t invest too much time.

Price:  Starts from $895

HAVARD Business school online IPR course

Are your ideas and thoughts your property? 

If so, then how can you legally protect these stories, ideas, and abstractions from getting stolen and being used by someone without your permission? This course helps you find out the answer to these questions and presents a clearer picture of Intellectual Property Rights with each lesson you take. The course is provided by Harvard itself which signifies its quality and relevance.

Learn more:


The course takes a sociological approach and touches many topics such as 

  • Assumptions and Concept of intellectual property and its importance, 
  • The formal and social means are developed to enable and control intellectual property.
  • Copyright, trademark, and Patent 

            Licensing and trade guide


  1. Get Harvard certified
  2. Learn for real-life case studies
  3. Study at your own pace


  1. Available in English only
  2. Requires 6 to 8 hours every day

Best for whom:

It’s an introductory level program suggested to those who want to make a career in law and want to set a strong base of Intellectual Property Rights and how to secure them.

Price: $ 3340 for unlimited access 

EDx Online Course on Intellectual Property Law & Policy (2 Parts)

The University of Pennsylvania is offering an online course on that can educate you about the fundamentals and the theory of Intellectual Property Law, how some policies shaped IP and in what manner Patent Laws operate. This course is a level up for beginners who want to proceed in understanding the next chapter on IP laws plus learn a little more specifically about the two most important aspects of IPR: Trademark and Copyright.  

Know more:


As the course has been divided into 2 Parts. In Part-I, you learn about the introductory elements of Intellectual Property Laws and the theories that built them. Part-II deals with Copyright, Trademark law & discusses the future of this exciting domain of the law.


1.Only 2-3 hours required per week.

2.Can be taken at a self-decided pace.

3.Gets you a verified certificate for $170  


1.Course available in English only.

2.It covers just the basics in 6 long weeks

3.It is of intermediate level and not preferred for beginners.

Best for whom:  

People who have prior knowledge and wish to study at an intermediate level.

Price: Free / paid with certificate 

WIPO’s DLP Primer on Intellectual Property.

This is a distance learning program from the World Intellectual Property Organization that is quite easy to start with as it covers all the basics of IP and also provides you a more practical understanding by dealing with recent examples such as how to deal with the emerging issues of IP, new plant varieties and enforcement of IPR.

Learn more:


The course is composed of 12 clearly defined modules that you can review at your own pace. The modules are created to stimulate a sequential understanding of the concepts of Intellectual Property.

Modules include Introduction, Overview of IP, Copyright, Related Rights, Trademarks, Geographical Indications, Industrial Designs, Patents, New Plant Varieties, Unfair Competition, Enforcement of IP Rights, Emerging Issues in IP, IP, and Development


1.Includes self-assessment tools

2.Covers all the basics for beginners  

3.A short duration of 3 hours is easy to get through  


1.The course is only available in English

2.No tutor available

3.No certificate will be provided after the course is completed

Best for whom:

Students and beginners who want to grasp the basics in order to decide on whether or not they want to go ahead with an in-depth study of IP laws and Intellectual Property rights in the future.

Price: $40 to $200

Copyright and Intellectual Property (IP) Law by Reed

This course is designed to serve people who associate with print media or digital content creation. Whether the content you own is supplied by some third party or is created by you, there are separate copyright laws protecting the ownership of the printed or online published content. 

Most publishers and distributors never know the nitty-gritty of copyright and licensing and end up falling for mistakes that could be easily avoidable. You can get through this short course in 3 hours and clear your doubts from a professional mentor assigned to you.

Learn more:


Despite being a short course it covers essential and practically usable subjects with real-life case studies; 

Parts of intellectual property, Baseline of IPR, Confidentiality and its utility, copyright defense, and how to prevent expensive legal issues. 


  1. Extremely concise valuable information
  2. A tutor assigned to clear your doubts
  3. Certificate available


  1. Attempts to cover too much in a very short time
  2. Only one month of access to the content  

Best for whom:

This course is perfect for the publishers of both print and digital media or associates who deal with creating or managing originally copyrighted content.

Price: £ 23.99 

So these were our top picks of Best online courses on IP Laws and IPR. 

IPR  is still an emerging field and people tend to have a very vague idea of it. One reason is that IPR fluctuates from country to country. In case you are an Indian citizen, I suggest you first check out the course offered by FICCI and then move to an international course to expand your knowledge. If you’re a publisher, you should set other courses aside and first finish the IP laws course available on Reeds, that course is designed specifically keeping the publishing and print media industry in mind. Total novices should definitely not invest money in expensive and advanced courses like the one offered by Harvard Business School. Edx is a good platform if you want to know everything from scratch and don’t want to spend much. Most students loved the EDx course on IP and barely had any complaints. I really hope this article provided some clarity on the subject and helped you choose the perfect online Intellectual Property Rights course.

If you think it helped, make sure to share it with your friends and family.

Thank you!

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